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Canine Fear Solutions revolutionizes the pet welfare and behavior industry by offering a richer, more humane model for dogs and their humans and rejecting the old-school, often inhumane and dangerous ways of thinking and acting around dogs, dog training, and dog behavior modification. Canine Fear Solutions releases the limiting knots of traditional “obedience” and “manners” approaches, freeing humans and the dogs they love from useless hindrances, and closing the care loop by offering a more complete, big picture model.

Canine Fear Solutions is an evidence-based practice inclusive of multi-disciplinary considerations and ever-growing discoveries that improve humane dog care and treatment.  Our unique service encompasses the very best practices, based on anti-aversives principles and experiences shown to deliver efficacy in interventions for fearful dogs, including anxious, traumatized, puppy-milled, hoarded, and feral dogs in captivity.

Our service isn’t just for fearful dogs though; the principles and practices we teach can be leveraged to help disadvantaged and at-risk dogs of all kinds, as well as for dogs without challenges, to best ensure they remain that way.   Our programs include prevention, intervention, and maintenance. Canine Fear Solutions is for dogs, private dog owners, foster caregivers, rescue & shelter workers, and other animal welfare and related professionals, helping them become more effective and happy together.

For dogs & dog-committed humans seeking more peace & happiness via richer, effective,  humane approaches to the concerns related to their lives and experiences together. 

Sadly, the suffering of pet dogs is not uncommon since humans and pets do not share a common language. A lack of understanding is the result. Confusing behavior tends to follow. Without a dog-committed advocate, a dog may become disenfranchised and at risk.


Expert specialists in fear and fear-based behavior that distress both dogs and dog-committed humans.

Fear can develop in any dog at any time, and will tend to get worse over time without proper care & treatment.

Even though domesticated as a species, many pet dogs struggle because they can't tell us what they need, as a species, as a breed, and as an individual dog in a particular context.


Modern best practice approaches to the care, prevention, and treatment of fear and fear-based behavior in canines, with a focus on both current and lifelong well-being with reduced risk of loss.

As your dog's caregiver, you are the dog's only hope for access to solutions for confusion and concern. But you aren't expected to automatically know how.  You have us. We'll teach you how to help your dog.  



Dear Dogs,

We know it's hard being you. Yes, you have your good times, but other times, it's just so hard to be a pet. You feel so good when your humans give you the things you most love, and you don't want your humans to feel sad. You know that feeling. 

Sometimes you just feel so scared, and you get confused about what's happening, and what might happen next.  You really wish you could explain how you feel to your humans, and why. You're sure they would understand if you could tell them all about it.  

What you need is a professional who understands what you're going through. The good news is, we are here for you!  Things can get better, and we are here to help. We've started a revolution in fearful dog treatment, to ensure you have the very special help you need for your very special self.

We'll see you very soon,
Your Friends at Canine Fear Solutions



Dear Humans,

We know you're trying. Sometimes it seems like you've tried everything. We're here to assure you, there's something more.  You need real help with your dog, someone who can help you understand the bigger picture, so that you and your dog can feel more comfortable together.

We know you're not an animal behaviorist. We know you never went to dog behavior school, and probably don't intend to. That's okay! We are here. You don't need to become a "dog whisperer."

What will be a true game-changer for you is to learn about the real reasons for a dog's behavior. The topic is not commonly discussed, but we need to discuss it, because without a more complete understanding of a problem's basis, it may seem impossible to solve.

You are ready to learn what others haven't told you. You're ready to rely on what is more powerful than just "training." We are ready to help you embrace the more powerful, effective, and most humane interventions available to you and your dog, giving you both the chance for an entirely new lease on life together.

Let's meet real soon,
Your Friends at Canine Fear Solutions



Dear Pet Industry Professionals,

We know you're tired of seeing animals and their humans suffer. We know you've been taught plenty of  training rules and mechanics, and you're good at them.  But you still find that too often, the solutions you and those who count on you really need are just beyond your reach, partial, or fleeting. We know you want to be the very best at what you do.

But you have a sense that you're missing part of the bigger picture and it's holding you back, and the dogs for whom you might be their last hope. Most of us dog pros have been led to believe that "training" a dog to "obey" is the only thing people want. That view does a disservice to dog owners and others. It's left too many pros hanging and too many dogs at risk. Become part of a true evolution in dog behavior & treatment --- new paradigm, new worldview, new life for dogs and the humans who care for them.

Tell us all about your needs,
Your Friends at Canine Fear Solutions




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